Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Training Services
Fire Training Services
Fire Training Services

Fire Corp’s training programme ‘(Fire Safety in Industry) is designed to help educate and refresh staff at all levels.

As a responsible supplier Fire Corp have developed fire fighting courses to teach students the correct use of portable extinguishers and hose reels. As part of the practical training module Fire Corp can also provide Training  and Certification to NZQA Unit Standard 3271.

Fire Corp  Instructors conduct fire extinguisher courses in 2 parts. The first session is completed in a classroom,takes approximately 1 hour and includes a short examination. The 2nd module of the course give students experience using fire extinguishers against a controlled fire. The practical sessions are conducted outside.

Key objectives include:

  • To educate personnel on the nature of Fire.
  • To guide personnel through the fire safety risk assessment process.
  • To train personnel in fire prevention and the identification of common fire  hazards.
  • To inform students in the appropriate response if faced with a fire.
  • To provide an overview of the different classes of fire and the correct type of fire extinguisher to use.

A verbal presentation of key points that apply to each site is completed by the instructor. DVD coverage of graphic events that occur with buildings fires, methods of evacuating a building. Use of Fire extinguishers is also included in the DVD presentation.

Fire Warden Training

Fire Corp’s training programme ‘(Fire Safety in Industry) is designed to help educate and refresh staff at all levels.

Fire Corp’s Fire Warden training module is designed to instruct employee’s in the safe evacuation procedures of a building, so that all occupants are safely evacuated and accounted for.
Our training officers will conduct an inhouse training session for up to 15 persons/session, which entails theory and an examination.

Persons that successfully complete the Fire Training module are awarded a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Key objectives include:

  • Introduction
  • Overview Fire Evacuation Scheme / Procedure
  • Warden Appointments
  • Head Warden responsibilities & duties
  • Deputy Warden responsibilities & duties
  • Floor Warden responsibilities & duties
  • Management of egress & escape routes
  • Fire Action notices
  • Daily / Monthly check lists
  • Fire Identification

Fire Equipment overview is also explained to attendees.