We provide a Complete Service in conjunction with our IQP qualified Companies dedicated to providing quality services for our clients Building Warrant of Fitness requirements:

SS1 Fire Sprinkler System SS12 Emergency power for Audio Systems
SS2 Fire Alarm System SS13 Smoke Control Systems
SS3 Auto Doors/Windows SS15.1 Means of Escape
SS4 Emergency Lights SS15.2 Safety Barriers
SS5 Escape Route Pressurisation SS15.3 Means of Access & Facilities for people with disabilities
SS6 Riser Mains for Fire Service SS15.4 Handheld Fire Hose Reels
SS7 Automatic Backflow SS15.5 Such signs required by the Building Code
SS8 Lifts, Escalators, Travelators SS17 Such signs required for people with disabilities
SS9 Mechanical ventilation systems and airconditioning
SS10 Building Maintenance Unit

We provide a Comprehensive and Complete Management Service  designed to give the Building owners a hassle free , peace of mind service which includes Monthly Owner’s Inspection, Annual IQP Inspections and Log Book Records to ensure Compliance is achieved and maintained.

As an Independent Qualified Provider (IQP) we work closely with Independent Service Providers (ISP’s) to carry out maintenance and remedial work (if required).

We provide inhouse Annual Inspection and testing and certification of Fire Hose Reels and Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarm Systems.

We also provide full Fire Evacuation Schemes approved by New Zealand Fire Service, and carry out 6 Monthly Fire Drills.